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Kitco Gold is a gold-backed token, pairing the world’s most stable safe-haven asset with the transparency, speed, and immutability of a digital asset.

Issued by Kitco and First Digital Trust on the Ethereum blockchain, and in partnership with Tradewind and Stably, every Kitco Gold token is backed 1:1 by pure gold held at Kitco’s DirectReserve™ Vault. One Kitco Gold token is equal to 1 ounce of 99.99% fine gold and owners can trade or redeem fractional amounts at any time. As the regulated trustee, First Digital Trust holds gold exclusively for owners of Kitco Gold and processes all orders and storage transactions.

*The Kitco Gold token is not available in your jurisdiction if you are located in, established in, or a resident of the United States of America, Canada and Hong Kong among other countries. For more information, please contact

Kitco Direct Reserve is a vault that stores physical gold, including the gold backing the KGLD tokens. Kitco DirectReserve is powered by Tradewind Ledger, which is the digital ownership records for the gold held at the Vault. The Tradewind Ledger enables the market participants to use the value of an asset for investment, collateral, and settlement, without the need to physically move gold.

Kitco Gold is stored at Mints and Comex depositories and is verified monthly by Cohen and Co. to attest that each token is backed 1:1 by .9999 physical gold.

Ethereum is a public Blockchain technology that creates a permanent record of the KGLD transactions and account balances using cryptography, which makes the records tamper-proof through time. Transactions must be signed by platform participants to prove their authenticity. The registration of the investment-grade physical gold held at the DirectReserve vault, which is powered by the Tradewind Ledger, is attested to and cryptographically signed by authorized Kitco DirectReserve Vault administrators.

Each unit of an ETF represents ownership in a fund or trust that, in turn, holds physical gold with a bank or other depository. The fund or trust then charges owners an annual fee to cover operation costs such as marketing, storage, and account management. The final beneficial owner does not control the underlying asset and cannot take physical delivery. Kitco Gold is physical gold, owned directly by the user, and there are no annual management or custody fees. If you choose to ‘cash out’ your Kitco Gold tokens for physical gold, the metal is deliverable through Kitco’s redemption service.

To buy a Kitco Gold token, you need to:

  1. Open a Kitco Gold trust account and verify your identity (KYC)
  2. Submit a new Kitco Gold purchase order and provide a compatible wallet address to receive Kitco Gold
  3. Send a payment in USD to First Digital Trust via wire
  4. Receive Kitco Gold in your wallet

To withdraw USD for your Kitco Gold tokens, you need to:

  1. Open a Kitco Gold trust account and verify your identity (KYC)
  2. Submit an order request and provide your bank account information to receive your payment in USD
  3. Send the corresponding Kitco Gold amount to a burn address provided by Stably
  4. Receive your payment in USD from First Digital Trust via wire

To redeem Kitco Gold for physical gold, you need to:

  1. Open a Kitco Gold trust account and verify your identity (KYC)
  2. Submit a new purchase order for physical gold from Kitco’s online store or at one of their physical locations and pay with Kitco Gold. The physical gold product(s) will be delivered to your address. You may also pick them up at one of Kitco’s physical locations

The minimum order quantity for Kitco Gold (KGLD) is one token, which is equal to one ounce of physical gold.

You can view your Kitco Gold holdings by logging into your Kitco Gold account. Your dashboard contains information regarding pending and settled transactions, as well as your Kitco Gold balance. To create an account or login to an existing one, please visit

At the current time, there is only a small gas fee issued by First Digital Trust to process transactions.

For more information, please download our whitepaper



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